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Moments with My Mother

Documentary Animation



Animatic for my RCA graduation film, Moments with my Mother.

This short animated documentary depicts different moments in time between a mother and a daughter, of what has been and never will come to be. In a composition of fiction and reality, the gravity of loss and grief slowly unfolds through the slow moving image-like animation as the mother character starts to glitch and interruptions appear. In a combination of memories, wishful thinking and sounds stuck in your head, the animation is trying to capture the significant need of having a mother by your side and the lifelong sorrow that comes when losing her too early in your life. As the moments progress, the beating drums increase in volume and pace, slowly becoming a steady beat highlighting the visuals. An almost echoing ambience of vocals and disturbing noise comes and goes like something from a dream as the sound of radiation, heart rate monitors and heart beats take over, drowning the sound of nature, laughter and life.


Josephine Amalie von Bülow


Josephine Amalie von Bülow

Sound Design

Josephine Amalie von Bülow


William Thorlund von Bülow


Olivia Thorlund von Bülow

Voice editing

Søren Reith-Hauberg

Sound Mix

Dan Hibbert

The Royal College of Art, 2021

Sound mix at NFTS

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