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A Global War but not a Global Citizen?

Chelsea College of Arts, 2015

Bordersborderless Collective

Mixed media installation. Height of wall, 3.5 meters, made of found wood. You enter the show through one passage and exit through another, imitating a border control. In between, news from european countries, propaganda, research and several documentaries are on display simultaneously, deafening any atempt to talk to others. The overload of news, fake news, opinionated articles and signs comment on the way we deal with global warfare and lack of global citizenship when those in war zones are forced to flee. As you exit the overload of information, the Human Rights Act is written with big black letters on the wall. 

The Collective did an extensive research before installing this exhibition, resulting in a BordersBorderless Newspaper with 6 articles investigating global warfare and citizenship from different angles.  

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